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While there are many raging political sentiments surrounding U.S. involvement in military conflicts around the world, we want to remove all of the politics from this effort.  Lost Lonely Cowboy is not a political statement; it is about giving back to our veterans that have fought to protect our freedoms for all of us.  With your support, we would love to expand this benefit as far as it could possibly go to help families that have been impacted or lost someone to the conflicts the US has engaged in.  One step at a time…

For those service men and women still serving in Iraq, Afghanistan and other outposts around the world, our thoughts and prayers are for all of you to come home safely to your families and your communities.

We will not keep any money raised.  We have covered the expenses and donated all of our time, effort and creativity to further this effort. The following have also provided their time and energy free of charge to promote this song:

Assistance has also been provided by:

  • CDBaby, Portland, Oregon, upload and promotion to digital distribution sites

Join us by going to any of the music download websites above, purchase the song, and know that your effort is helping to bring some relief to veterens and their families that are forever changed war.

Thank you for your support, The Burrmans

The Burrmans
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