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History of The Burrmans


Hurrman Burrman

USO Tour

Got to get a real job...

And finally a CD...

Kenny Benny 2

GP CD Release Party

Keep Those Tunes Rolling


Jim Sanders and Steve Vincent started banging it out in garages and family rooms in the mid 1960s.  With buddies Albert Menasco, Stan Smith, Randy Roberts, and later Smiley Brion, the Phase Six (which later became Sunday Morning Daze) was soon playing local Demolay dances, the Roller Drome, street parties and school sockhops.  By the time high school rolled around, Steve and Smiley joined with Ron Beck, Rick Clark, and Chris Prince to form Arbuckle Tutti & Friends, rocking throughout Southern Oregon and Northern California at school dances, concerts, after-game dances, and a variety of musical occasions.

1968-69 - Phase Six, Grants Pass, Oregon

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Demolay_2.JPG (322025 bytes)  Demolay_3.JPG (362099 bytes)  Demolay_4.JPG (132578 bytes)

1969-70 - Sunday Morning Daze

Rollerdrome2 3-70.jpg (153805 bytes)  Rollerdrome 3-70.jpg (173033 bytes) 

1971-72 - Arbuckle Tutti & Friends

ATF_1971.jpg (66353 bytes)  ATF_GPHS_gym_1971.jpg (257042 bytes)  ATF_GPHS_noon_lawn_1971.JPG (630068 bytes)  ATF_HS_dance_1971.JPG (482959 bytes)

ATF_Rollerdrome_1971.jpg (287755 bytes)  ATF_Rollerdrome_1971 _2.jpg (484344 bytes)  Steve_Smiley_Chris_Prince_GPHS_gym_1972.jpg (289372 bytes)  ATF_GPHS_Senior_Picnic_1972.jpg (525771 bytes)


Hurrman Burrman

In 1974, Steve and Smiley had left college behind and found each other wandering the streets of Grants Pass looking for a little fun.  It didn't take long to realize that music was once again calling, and they were soon pickin' and grinnin' with a local fiddle player from Williams, Willie Warwick.  Within a couple of months Alan Klassen also had slid away from college life and was back in GP hammering on the drums with the rest of the boys, and The Hurrman Burrman Band was born.

                    1974 - Steve's family room                                   1975 - Grants Pass, Oregon

                             SV family room 74.jpg (166488 bytes)                                                      Palace billboard 75.jpg (85624 bytes)                         

 HB2 was soon country-rockin' the bars and clubs of Oregon.  The music was hot and flashy, and the beer poured fast!  There might have been a slow song in there every now and then, but it was mostly sweaty, swingin', hopping country boogie overlaid with dynamic three-part harmonies blasting through the airwaves.

1978 - Casa del Rio float, Boatnick Parade, Grants Pass, Oregon

Burrmans Casa Float GP rotated.jpg (324420 bytes)  Casa float 3.jpg (138811 bytes)  Casa float 4.jpg (170303 bytes)  Casa float 2.jpg (151733 bytes)  Riverhouse _1974.jpg (384067 bytes)

The year 1976 found the band producing outdoor multi-band concerts (including the infamous '76 In The Sticks), winning the Talent Night at Los Angeles' famed Palomino Club, which led to several appearances on NBC's Gong Show.  By early '77 the band to relocated to Portland in search of bigger venues.  Country-rock was hot, and the clubs of Portland were jamming with it.  The Last Hurrah, Sak's Front Avenue, Euphoria, The Earth Tavern and more couldn't get enough.  The Burrmans shared many "dual band" nights with Hank Rasco and the Wasted Rangers, and the Lone Coyote Club.  Seafood Mama had yet to turn into Quarterflash, and Robert Cray was wailing the nights the Burrmans weren't around the clubs. The Portland Trailblazers won the NBA championship, and the city went nuts, and the Burrmans were in the middle of it all. 

1977/78 - The Last Hurrah

Hurrah Smiley1.jpg (77879 bytes)  Hurrah Al.jpg (90880 bytes)  Hurrah Jim2.jpg (98376 bytes)  Hurrah Steve.jpg (76190 bytes)

Hurrah5 4-1-78.jpg (166849 bytes)  Hurrah4 4-1-78.jpg (147886 bytes)  Hurrah3 4-1-78.jpg (129555 bytes)  Hurrah1 4-1-78.jpg (171494 bytes)

Don't miss the Last Hurrah Reunion September 14-16, 2007

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USO Tour

By late 1978, the Burrmans tired of the club scene and were soon relocated for a long break in Southern Oregon once again.  Jim remained in Portland and began a long career as a sound engineer for many of the worlds biggest artists.

By 1980, the band was pulled together in yet another version including Smiley, Al, Steve, Ron Stephens, Alison Brion, and Bob Duke.  Ron, formerly with Hank Rasco and the Wasted Rangers, had been playing on and off with the Burrmans for several years. The band booked a two-month USO tour of the Pacific and Indian Oceans.  The band made many new friends across the military bases and Navy ships of the world.

  1980 - USO Tour

USO1 - leaving.jpg (36497 bytes)  USO2 - leaving.jpg (169927 bytes)  USO - Korea1.jpg (38376 bytes)  USO - Korea2.jpg (51291 bytes)  USO - Korea3.jpg (49681 bytes)

USO - Korea4.jpg (32033 bytes)  USO - Korea5.jpg (43242 bytes)  USO - Korea6.jpg (36940 bytes)  USO - Korea9 standing in NKorea 1.jpg (31364 bytes)  USO - Korea10 standing in NKorea 2.jpg (33889 bytes)

      USO - Korea11 DMZ.jpg (31788 bytes)  USO - Korea12 DMZ.jpg (39034 bytes)  USO - Korea13 DMZ.jpg (40560 bytes)  USO - Korea14 DMZ.jpg (61746 bytes)

    USO - Oman tent18.jpg (34604 bytes)  USO - Indian Ocean24.jpg (75786 bytes)  USO - Indian Ocean25.jpg (74168 bytes)  USO - Indian Ocean25-5.jpg (80223 bytes)  USO - Indian Ocean23.jpg (76204 bytes)

Al ship hook.jpg (191130 bytes)  bob steve al ship.jpg (233143 bytes)  USO - Diego Garcia15.jpg (40672 bytes)  USO - Diego Garcia16.jpg (30103 bytes)  USO - Diego Garcia17.jpg (41189 bytes)

USO - Indian Ocean19.jpg (45317 bytes)  USO - Indian Ocean20.jpg (32502 bytes)  USO - Indian Ocean21.jpg (45652 bytes)  USO - Indian Ocean22.jpg (35413 bytes)  USO - Johnston Is 26.jpg (34007 bytes)

1981 - Williams, Oregon  

1 ton 81 smiley.jpg (143554 bytes)  1 ton 81 steve.jpg (144535 bytes)  willie cropped.jpg (33516 bytes)

parents.jpg (168272 bytes)  1 ton 81 -one.jpg (140632 bytes)  band right.jpg (195720 bytes)  willie-sv-al.jpg (168153 bytes)

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Got to get a real job...

The next ten years saw all of the boys wander off and get "real jobs".  The music was always around on the side, a party here and a dance there. By 1993, Smiley and Steve were living in Portland.  Ron had remained in Vancouver, Washington.  Willie was back from a stretch living in Southern California.  Al was managing the Paradise Guest Ranch in Grants Pass, and they decided to celebrate Father's Day with a festival there.  It was a great day, with fun music including a guest appearances by the Lyle Annis and Dave Bretz.  Unforeseen for all, was that this was the last time Al would gift the world with a performance.  The following May came, and Al passed from this earth, leaving the rest of the band behind to wonder what music the future might bring. Al's chant of "CD in '93" looked like it might never happen...

  1993 - Paradise Ranch, Grants Pass, Oregon

Paradise Fathers Day 26.jpg (58327 bytes)  Paradise band steel.jpg (197331 bytes)  Paradise Ron steel.jpg (134963 bytes)

  Paradise Fathers Day 27.jpg (106193 bytes)    Paradise Fathers Day 29.jpg (65552 bytes)  Paradise Fathers Day 30.jpg (48670 bytes)  Paradise Fathers Day 31.jpg (134676 bytes)

By 1996 Smiley, Jim and Steve had built a 24-track digital studio and began recording the backlog of original tunes they had been crafting through the years.  Joined by Stevie Mercer, Willie Warwick and  Ron Stephens once again, the licks were soon flying into digital space.  Real jobs and children slowed the bands efforts, but the vision and desire remained.  It was only a matter of time before the music regained focus and pulled The Burrmans back together again.

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And finally a CD...

The summer of 2003 found Smiley, Jim and Steve once again working to finish a CD.  Guest artists Atillio (keyboard), Tommy Royer (drums), Jason Ritchie (keyboard) and Mike Walker (B3) added their talents to further enhance the variety of songs on the musical palette.  It is available through this website and at selected outlets throughout the Northwest.  There's a distant chant in the wind..."CD in 2003... CD in 2003..."

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Kenny Benny 2

The summer of 2004 saw the Burrmans joining in for Kenny Benny 2, a fund raising benefit for Wheatfield drummer Kenny Sawyer.  We love you Kenny!!!

kbenny collage3-r.jpg (220401 bytes)

Grants Pass CD Release Party May 2004

The Burrmans were joined by a wonderful group of friends and family at the G Street Bar and Grill in Grants Pass to celebrate the new Burrman CD Never Too Late.  Yahoo!!

 Burmann CD release weekend 035-r.jpg (124568 bytes)   Burmann CD release weekend 005-r.jpg (160331 bytes)   Burmann CD release weekend 010-r.jpg (146855 bytes)   Burmann CD release weekend 012-r.jpg (149181 bytes)

35150018-r.jpg (101354 bytes)   35150021-r.jpg (103612 bytes)   35150023-r.jpg (100126 bytes)   Burmann CD release weekend 017-r.jpg (151559 bytes)  

Keeping those tunes rolling

45070551bWpJCm_ph.jpg (48688 bytes)  IMG_1145.JPG (195309 bytes)  IMG_1181cropped.jpg (62093 bytes)  IMG_1192cropped.jpg (73906 bytes)  IMG_1208cropped.jpg (62380 bytes)

The Burrmans continue to work on new projects.  Please go to Lost Lonely Cowboy, our benefit tribute to the fallen soldiers of the Oregon National Guard.  A chance for you to give back to those that protect us.

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